Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Creepy Crawly Halloween Spiders

These magnificently monstrous spiders are easily crafted from foam balls, black spray paint, and chenille stems.

What You Need

  • Crafts-foam balls: one 6-inch diameter and one 3-inch diameter

  • 1 bamboo skewer

  • Black matte-finish spray paint

  • 2 corsage pins with red heads

  • 8 black bump chenille stems

  • Heavy-gauge floral wire

  • Hanging cord
Make It

  1. To assemble each spider, insert a skewer through a large crafts-foam ball and then into a small crafts-foam ball.

  2. Cover your work surface and thoroughly spray the assembled spider with paint. Let dry and spray again if needed.

  3. Insert corsage pins into the small ball for the eyeballs.

  4. For the legs, insert 4 chenille stems into each side of the spider body. Bend each leg at a 90-degree angle approximately halfway down the length of the chenille stem. Bend the tip of each chenille stem to create the feet.

  5. Cut an 8-inch length of wire for each spider and bend the wire in half; twist the wire several times to form a loop.

  6. Insert the ends of the wire into the top of the spider's body.

  7. Thread a hanging cord through the loop.

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Hyla Waldron said...

Very cool! Thanks!