Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sewing Tip Of The Day

Before you've even opened your sewing pattern, make sure you have read the instructions thoroughly TWICE ! Follow each step carefully, and in order. There's always a reason why the steps are in the order that they are, so resist the temptation to skip or swap steps around!


Flannel adds Support to most Fabrics. Flannel provides just the right backing for many sewing projects. You can use it for underlining, interfacing, and lightweight, soft backing for heirloom sewing. When the flannel interfacings or underlinings are pressed to the fashion fabric, they hold together long enough to be sewn in place. As an underlining, the flannel lends a soft, supple drape to the garment. Of course any printed design on the flannel will show through a lightweight fabric, so be sure to test your fabrics. Most IMPORTANT, always prewash your flannel.

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